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About Us

Certified Konsult is an European based recruitment & consulting company headquartered in Sweden. We have been supporting our clients in the areas of sourcing the right talent for the right job. Our understanding of client requirements and tailoring as per their need's has been a true success factor for our business continuity to be a very flexible partner.

  • Certified - 100% of our talent pool are certified.
  • Bringing Global Competence - Our candidate pool is diverse with international talent.
  • Flexibility as per client's business models -  Project based staffing, Contract to hire, Permanent positions
  • Language specific - Based on the role/client need, we source language specific positions
  • Emerging / Niche skills -  We are industry experts in sourcing talent in niche skills
  • Pricing - We work based on client pricing with a rapid response
  • Delivering Quality & Commitment - Our internal candidate assessment is pretty rigorous so after thorough screening the candidate profile is submitted to the client
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