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Finding the right talent can be both difficult and time-consuming. Our commitment to the client is we will help you skip the lengthy process of finding top-tier consultants. With Certified Konsult  you can hire experienced, certified consultants within days, not months. Our services are a smart alternative when the need is limited in time. We find the skills you need, for the time period you want.Certified Konsult has been offering services in the following line of business to their clients

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We provide best in class consultants to help clients in order to bridge the immediate gap of increased capacity of workload. In the areas of specialized skills our services with 'contract staffing' can help to augment the capacity and also deliver results without any hassles. The clients can still have their business continuity with their permanent staff with a pair of helping hands from our consultants to save time & money.

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We also provide consultants with an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is hired for a job position on a temporary basis with an intention to hire him or her on a permanent role after evaluating his/her skills and capabilities for a specific period.

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We have been helping our clients to find the right qualified talent who are thoroughly screened and also help in onboarding quickly.

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